Why We Should Start Thinking About Energy The Way We Think About Food


Just 50 years ago, the outlook on organic and sustainable eating was bleak. Shifts in policy and attempts at mass education lacked effectiveness. Meanwhile, processed foods and harmful pesticides were ubiquitous in the national diet. But as public interest in health and nutrition has grown, the impetus turned toward our personal food choices and the well-being of our families, bodies and environment. Organic food now is the fastest growing sector of the American food industry.

The conversation around sustainable energy is primed for the same shift. And for proof that we can create a mass movement toward greater sustainability, we need look no further than the success of the sustainable food movement. By questioning where our power comes from, what the environmental impacts are, how much the process is costing us and our communities, and what benefits we can reap from adopting renewables, we take a step closer to effecting significant change. We’ve partnered with NRG to illustrate the parallels between the journeys to sustainable eating and renewable energy, and the path forward to a brighter future.

Ten years ago, people started thinking about how their food was made. Today, we want people to start asking how their power is made. Using hidden cameras, we created a stunt to see if two small words above an outlet could change how people thought about them. See the results here, and join NRG in the #SmartEnergyRevolution.


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