More than HALF A MILLION animals enslaved in tourist attractions worldwide

A STAGGERING 550,000 wild animals are suffering to put smiles on the faces of globetrotters.

Black bear enclosurePH

Three out of four wildlife attractions globally are causing damage to some form of wildlife

Three out of four wildlife tourist attractions are causing either some form of animal abuse or creating conservation concerns to entertain 110 million travelers a year, warns a new study.Animals being taken from their mothers as well as being beaten to give rides, perform tricks or provide selfies are among the abuses highlighted in the shocking new report from World Animal Protection as it lists the ten “cruelest wildlife entertainment activities” across the world.

Elephant rides, tiger selfies and walking with lions top the table which has been released in a week that has seen a British trekker tragically killed during an animal ride in Thailand.

Turtles in an enclosurePH

Turtles clamber over each other in a tiny aquarium

Gareth Crowe, 36, from Renfrewshire, was gored by van elephant which is reportedly being put back to work as a tourist ride after a short break.World Animal Protection drew up the following list of attractions from evidence gathered in the first ever global research into the scale of welfare and conservation of wildlife tourism conducted by the University of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU).

They are:

1. Riding elephants

2. Taking tiger selfies

3. Walking with lions

4. Visiting bear parks

5. Holding sea turtles

Tiger enclosure druggedPH

More than 110million people visit wildlife attractions per year

A man holding a lion cubPH

A man holding a lion cub separated from it’s family by game keepers

6. Performing dolphins7. Dancing monkeys

8. Touring civet cat coffee plantations

9. Charming snakes and kissing cobras

10. Farming crocodiles.

World Animal Protection commissioned the research and says it used the WildCRU ratings as well as its own investigations in Asia and Africa to compile the list.

The charity says as tourism booms an estimated 110 million people are visiting cruel wildlife attractions each year but remain oblivious to the abuses involved.


A British man was killed by a captive elephant during a trek this week in Thailand


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