Reality Now: May 2016
Welcome to the May edition of Reality Now! Here, you’ll get the latest updates on what’s happening with the global movement for climate solutions – delivered monthly right to your inbox.
This month marks the 10th anniversary of the film that prompted millions to start asking questions about climate change and start doing something about it, helping shape the modern climate movement we know today. In this post, we share five of our favorite moments of progress the world has made in solving climate change in the past decade.
Climate change increases our risk of both heavy rains and extreme droughts. But why – and how – is that? Aren’t the two contradictory? Science has shown that climate change touches every corner of our planet’s ecosystem, and the water cycle is no exception. Learn exactly how our changing climate is affecting the water cycle in this post.  

After seeing An Inconvenient Truth, millions of people finally began to understand the reality of the climate crisis – and for many, it was the moment they knew they personally had to do something about it. In this post, we share personal stories from people around the world on how the film impacted their lives.
A lot has changed with electricity since the days of Ben Franklin, which leaves a lot of us with questions. How does our electricity system operate right now? What’s going on with renewable energy, anyway? And how can we leave fossil fuels behind when they power so much of our world today? To help answer these questions, we brought together six powerful infographics.  
In the decade since An Inconvenient Truth sparked a new global movement for solving the climate crisis, a lot has changed. In this post, we take a step back and share what’s changed – for better or for worse – in the fight against climate change over the past 10 years.
Check out the Climate Reality blog to find more content and ways to get involved. Enjoy!
– Your friends at Climate Reality

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