Adam Lowry of Ripple Foods, joins the #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias podcast to talk about creating the purest plant protein and a ripple effect in the food system.  Ripple’s first product is a non-dairy milk made from yellow peas that is not only nutritionally superior to dairy, but doesn’t taste like peas! Adam also talks about Ripple’s sustainability mission and what it’s like to start your own business, raise millions in venture capital funding and what the long term strategic goals of the company are (they go far beyond just making milk from peas).

Listen to this episode on the following platforms: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play  

As a bonus, we also released a recording from the Reducetarian Summit, which took place in May 2017. I had the pleasure of moderating a panel focused on providing an overview of the Broken Food System, featuring experts from the Rainforest Action Network, Oxfam America, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, and other organizations.

Check out the bonus episode on the following platforms: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play  Looking for a great deal on healthy food?  Thrive Market sells all your favorite vegan and organic products at 25-50% below retail price and ships it straight to your door. Thrive Market is offering an extra 25% OFF your first box of groceries PLUS free shipping! Just go to and become a member today to take advantage of this exclusive offer!

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#EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias features conversations with food industry leaders, health and sustainability experts, as well as entrepreneurs and creative minds who are working to redefine the future of food.


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